WHAT I EAT VEGAN TO STAY FIT, LEAN & HEALTHY + calories & nutrition

Dec 19, 2016

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I don't count calories, I only show the nutritional break down to show that vegans can get more then enough nutrients to thrive!
I take a b12 supplement and I get vitamin D from the sun, living in Australia I have an adequate source of sunshine year-round.

So I know there will be people watching thinking that this is too much fruit, can't possibly be healthy, fruit has too much sugar.. etc.
Fruit contains fiber and the fructose is bound to the fiber, which slows its absorption.. there's also vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, water. Sugar in fruit is different from refined processed sugar that has been stripped of its nutrients and fiber.
A smoothie is also different from fruit juice. Fruit juice has the insoluble fiber removed and that's what leads to a spike (some of the soluble fiber remains though). Whereas a smoothie contains the insoluble and soluble fiber, nothing is removed.

"However, evidence suggests that in almost any amount, fruits are not harmful and are even beneficial. When scientists had subjects consume 20 servings of fruit per day, not only did they find no adverse effects on weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol - they found an improvement all these markers. This is likely because, besides the sugar, fruits also contain good amounts of fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are essential for good health. The fibre is what really separates naturally occurring sugars from ‘free sugars’: it has been shown to effectively slow down the absorption of sugar into our bloodstream. In short, as long as we’re eating a balanced and varied diet, there is absolutely no reason to limit fruit intake - even bananas!"

"If you compare the effects of a diet restricting fructose from both added sugars and fruit to one just restricting fructose from added sugars, the diet that kept the fruit did better. People lost more weight with the extra fruit present than if all fructose was restricted.
Only industrial, not fruit fructose intake, was associated with declining liver function and high blood pressure. Fructose from added sugars was associated with hypertension; fructose from natural fruits is not."


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