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Why did you create We Are Impactors?

To empower content creators to change the world. Along with our coalition of nonprofit partners and international community of volunteers, we are working to support and promote the social media activists who are speaking out on behalf of animals, people, and the planet. 


Who is an impactor?

Impactors are people, companies, and organizations using their social media feeds to inspire others to take action on behalf of animals, people, and the planet. This isn’t just about global celebrities and YouTube stars (although we recognize and appreciate their work). An impactor can be anyone creating content with a purpose - if you can make a difference in one person or animal’s life, our site exists to support and empower you. 


How is this different from being an influencer?

If being an influencer is all about getting people to follow your account, being an impactor is all about inspiring people to take action. 


How do you define action?

We don’t. Any action that inspires positive change is good, whether it’s marching in the streets or changing your consumption habits or engaging in a discussion with a friend. We are working to shift the conversation toward the content and creators who are best at inspiring their followers to take meaningful steps towards change.


Why plant-based?

As we begin our search for the world’s most impactful content, we are focusing on videos in the vegan, plant-based, and reducetarian space. Intersectional veganism is a bridge between the animal rights, social justice, and environmental movements and is a key tool in the struggle to dismantle global systems of oppression. 


Where do your videos come from?

Our community and volunteers are continually updating the We Are Impactors website with embedded links to the most impactful videos on YouTube and Instagram - videos that are best at inspiring audiences to act. This makes it easier to search for important videos and discover emerging voices across multiple platforms, while ensuring that video views on our site count toward a creator’s YouTube and/or Instagram view totals.


What does it mean that We Are Impactors is ‘crowdsourced’?

We’re building the definitive map of impactful content and creators, and we’re doing it with people, not algorithms. Our database is powered by a global coalition of nonprofits and volunteers, and anyone who visits our website has the opportunity to add videos and connect creators. This is especially important for emerging creators and impactors from marginalized communities, as we strive to build an inclusive platform for a global movement.


My favorite impactor is missing from the site. Can I add them?

Yes! We’re building a tool for digital activism, and each video you connect is an opportunity to empower the content creators who are changing the world. If you know of an impactor who is not on our site, add their work! If you know of a community of creators who are not being represented, add them all! 


What about miscategorized or inappropriate content?

We rely on YouTube and Instagram to ensure community standards for content hosted on their sites. If you see videos that are miscategorized or violate our Community Guidelines, please flag the video and our Community Leaders will review.


How do I become a Community Leader?

Send us an email! We’re a volunteer and community run organization and rely on our most passionate members to approve content and resolve flagged disputes. 


How do you support content creators?

We want more people to see your work! By embedding direct links to your YouTube and Instagram, we are ensuring that every view through our site gets counted toward your totals on those platforms.  Our @weareimpactors social media feeds are focused on promoting your work as well, and we’re using analytics of the data we gather to promote your work to the media and with brands and NGOs in this space. 


I’m a content creator. How do I claim (and edit) my personal page? 

Claiming your personal content creator page grants you access to edit your bio, with new creator features to be added as we grow. For questions or support or to add/remove your videos from our site, please reach out. 


How can my organization work with impactors?

Content creators are changing the world - and they need your help! If you are a brand or NGO looking to partner with impactors to support their work or a media organization looking for data on the world’s most impactful video content please reach out.


I’m interested in paid work, brand partnerships, and supporting nonprofits. Where do I sign up!

We are working with brands and NGOs to provide sponsorship opportunities for impactors to create original content. Please send us an email to learn more.