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#VeganFoodShare is a collective of like minded individuals who are ready to share what they have to offer in the Vegan and veg related community.

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PlantBasedMaori @plantbasedmaori

My name is Raniera Rewiri, a passionate Māori tāne wanting to share my journey through veganism, tools I use for self development and a space to simply share my thoughts and experiences for others to gain an insight.

56.1k subscribers
Viola Hou - The Sunshine Eatery @viola-hou-the-sunshine-eatery

All I want to do is travel and make and eat good food. What else is there to do? (: My name's Viola and this is my channel. Instagram: @thesunshineeatery

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Root The Future @root-the-future

🌏 Thailand’s Largest Plant Based & Sustainability Community 🌱 อาหาร แพลนต์เบสต์ | ความยั่งยืน Planet, health & the animals.

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The Cranky Vegan @the-cranky-vegan

Rethinking the strategies & tactics of the grassroots animal rights movement.

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Will Travel for Vegan Food @will-travel-for-vegan-food

Vegan travel enthusiast who has been traveling full-time since 2011. Come to Thailand this June, 2020:

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