Empowering Creators to Change the World

Mar 29, 2021

Impactor, /imˈpaktər/ noun: A person or group using digital content to inspire action on behalf of animals, people, and the planet

We launched this platform with a mission: to help content creators get more engagement on their best, most impactful work. We want to help these videos go global - reaching the widest possible audience and driving more action on behalf of animals, people, and the planet. We’re taking a new approach to activism - gathering data on what type of content has the most impact and identifying the content creators who are successfully changing the world. 

With the support of our partners and community, we are building a map of the most impactful videos on social media so that we can connect great content with new audiences and promote the impactors who are leading the vegan, social justice, and environmental movements. 

This platform is a tool built by content creators to shake up global activism and empower changemaking content on social media. Here’s how we help:


COMMUNITY:  In a world of infinite content, our searchable, crowd-sourced database can help you discover the most inspiring and impactful videos, and find world-changing social media accounts to follow. 


We are continually updating our platform with fresh content from top global creators, searchable by category, language, country and hashtags. You can support your favorite creators by adding their videos to our database - we’re looking for the videos that inspire you to act. 


CREATORS: We see your work and want to amplify your voice. By making it easy to find your most impactful YouTube and Instagram videos, we want to increase your views, engagement, and followers, while driving a global conversation around what makes content impactful. 


Tag us in your videos for reshares, and claim your content creator page to customize your bio.


MEDIA: Social media impactors are changing the world. Let’s talk about them! We want to help you cover impactors in a way that is meaningful and provide data that will grab your audience.  If you are writing about impactors we are happy to share our research, offer analysis, and make connections. And, we recognize your work is impactful as well, so please help us support your content by ensuring your profile is in our system and your best content is connected.



BRANDS and NGOs: The narrative is shifting from “How many followers do you have?” to “What actions are you inspiring your audience to take?” Our site can help you locate top changemakers anywhere in the world, discoverable by the type of content that is most relevant to you. Successful impactors generate strong engagement and inspire their followers toward real-world action. We can help you to identify the impactors most relevant to your mission and help you to find the best partners for your digital campaigns. 


We Are Impactors has been built by a global volunteer network of creatives, activists and nonprofits. We believe that only by working together can we make our voices loud enough to inspire the action needed to build a better world. 


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