Chicago’s Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat wins the #SaveVeganRestaurants grand prize.

May 14, 2021

Impactors from around the world come together in support of plant-based restaurants. 

Propelled by support from L’il Durk and Tabitha Brown, Chicago’s Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat restaurant gained 16,000 Instagram followers in April to take the #SaveVeganRestaurants top prize - $5,000 in production support from We Are Impactors to create a 30s commercial for their restaurant. 


Monty’s Good Burger (Los Angeles) and Kale My Name (Chicago) gained over 12,000 followers each to win $1,000 runner-up prizes from Million Dollar Vegan.  


Congratulations to Can't Believe It’s Not Meat owner Laricia Chandler and to all of our finalists, as well as the hundreds of plant-based restaurants in the US (and around the world) that were recognized in this campaign. 


Since April 1, thousands of #SaveVeganRestaurants posts have been viewed over 4 million times, underlining the importance of plant-based restaurants in our lives.


There is still work to be done. The abillion Save Vegan Restaurants Fund will run through the beginning of next year, with abillion is donating $1 to restaurants for every #SaveVeganRestaurants tagged review on their app. It’s important that we all keep talking about restaurants and posting with the #SaveVeganRestaurants tag. Over the past year, we have all become much more intentional in which businesses that we support with our content and our money. Let’s continue this practice and continue to fight to empower the chefs and restaurant owners who impact us the most. 


The future of food is up for grabs. Let’s make it vegan.


Connect with us on Instagram at @weareimpactors for more ways to get involved! 


For restaurant resources, and to learn more about the #SaveVeganRestaurants fund, visit abillion and download their app.