UK: Bloody human slaughterhouse comes to London for World Vegan Day

Nov 01, 2016

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PETA animal rights activists marked World Vegan day in London on Tuesday by staging a mock slaughter of two of their members.

First the activists were suspended by their ankles and afterwards two other members pretended to kill them with knives.

The protesters are hoping to raise awareness of animal slaughter and want to encourage people to go vegan.

"We really do feel if the general public knew what happened to billions of animals, if they realized that that steak they’re buying on a supermarket shelf was a cow, who had his throat slit while fully conscious, whose life was just ripped away from him, they wouldn’t want to eat that - there are so many better alternatives."

"It is such needless violence, it’s been proven time and time again how much better a vegan diet is for both, your health and the environment, so on World Vegan Day we really should be looking inside ourselves and thinking what can I do to end this violence."

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