Top 5 Vegan Baking Essentials - Egg and Dairy Replacements, Alternatives, Substitutions

Jun 07, 2012

Vegan baking is marked by ingredient substitutions, alternatives, and replacements. So, when I moved across the country, I found myself without a few ingredients that I could not bake without. Here is a short list of top ingredients that should help you start your vegan baking pantry.

Applesauce - Great egg replacer. Use 1/4 cup per egg, but no more than 1/2 cup per 2 layers of cake or set of cupcakes. Great for replacing the moisture that eggs would have lended.

Almond Milk - My favorite cow's milk alternative. If you are lactose intolerant or have a soy allergy, this is a great diary substitution. You can replace almond milk 1 to 1 for cow's milk.

Baking Powder and Vinegar - This power combo will have your vegan baked goods rises like no other. The replace eggs to create an egg free rise. I use 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 tablespoon of vinegar per 2 layer cake mix or dozen cupcakes.

Earth Balance Buttery Spread - This is what I use to substitute for butter and margarine. It is a well crafted product; vegan, GMO free, trans fat free, dairy free, the list just gets better. You can replace Earth Balance 1 for 1 with dairy butter.

This is not a comprehensive list of every vegan alternative ever, but it is a good start. Hopefully you will be able to grow from here.

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