Cow Fast Facts

Mar 28, 2021

While Erin Wing was undercover for Animal Outlook at Dick Van Dam dairy, she witnessed a heartbreaking emotional scene: When a truck came to take away a deceased herd member, cows gathered together around her and seemed to mourn their lost friend.

Cows can perform tasks, recognize human faces and become stressed when they are separated from their friends or family. Yet the dairy industry relies on the breaking of bonds.

At Dick Van Dam and other factory dairy farms, baby calves are ripped from their mothers' sides shortly after birth, considered byproducts of the industry that uses their milk for human consumption. At Dick Van Dam, some of those newborn calves were simply left in the hot California sun to die.

Thankfully, we can simply choose not to support this injustice by opting for plant-based milk and other vegan dairy products.

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