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Vegan means peace, love, compassion, mindfulness, life, and STRENGTH. This channel is dedicated to those who love / respect life (your own and others, including animals) and want to live long and be athletic at the same time! My Vegan Athlete YouTube channel was originally going to be about my Vegan Diet, Vegan Journey, and Vegan thoughts. Today, I've been Vegan for 18 years and my YouTube channel here has become 90% about Gardening! If you want to get healthy, save money, have fun, and do something amazing for Planet Earth then please GROW A GARDEN! Growing your own food is one of the MOST POWERFUL things you can do! Turn your front and backyard into a Food Forest and grow an amazing Garden which feeds your family the best food possible! Consider going to and Order My Online GARDENING Course to Learn More! GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!
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