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Ela Vegan @ela-vegan

Hello, and welcome to my YouTube account, "Ela Vegan". My name is Michaela, but most people call me Ela. I am a recipe creator, food photographer, and article writer. I share easy vegan and gluten-free recipes on my blog, https://elavegan.com ❤️ You...

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Dr Elizabeth Lambaer @dr-elizabeth-lambaer-1

62 Yrs Young Healthy Lifestyle | Beauty | Fashion | Spiritually How to Live Your Best Life!💕 🍏 Fueled by Plants Best selling author Speaker/YouTuber

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Nourish Atelier @nourish-atelier

Vegetarian Inspiration and recipe videos from Nourish Atelier. www.nourishatelier.com https://www.instagram.com/nourish_atelier/

4.3k subscribers
NaturallyStefanie @naturallystefanie

Scottish based youtuber and blogger sharing a plant based fitness lifestyle! Check out my 12 week programme at veganaesthetics.co.uk and shop my book on amazon! You can find me at: INSTAGRAM: @naturallystefanie BLOG: www.naturallystefanie.com VEG...

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Tracy Kiss @tracy-kiss

My name is Tracy Kiss, I'm a vegan journalist, bodybuilder and TV personality from London England. I love life and sharing my experiences with others by covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and food, pushing my boundaries and setting ridicu...

177k subscribers