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Real + Vibrant @real-vibrant

Real + Vibrant is a blog dedicated to celebrating the power of real food through vibrant, delicious plant-powered vegetarian recipes. Along with plenty of whole food recipes, you’ll also find healthyish and may-not-so-healthyish treats, snacks, and d...

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Flower Friendly @flower-friendly

My name is Flower! @flower.friendly on Instagram.

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simply.vegannn @simplyvegannn

Inspiring you through my vegan lifestyle, in the most simple, healthy/ not so healthy way!

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Vegan But Lazy @vegan-but-lazy

Cheap Easy Vegan Recipe ebook! 130+ Recipes for $4.99 on amazon: https://tinyurl.com/v6a6envk Modest Dish: Simple recipes for all. Don't let the recipes fool you, I'm not vegan. I eat all foods. https://modestdish.com/ Anarchist Kitchen Music: We...

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