A New Way to Social Media

May 05, 2021

This isn’t about follower counts. It’s about level of impact.  

When I hit 5,000 followers on my Instagram, brands started sending me free things. At 20k, they started offering me money. If I wanted to support myself off my socials, I’d need a million followers. If I had 5 million? I’d be a star. 


The lesson? Grow at all costs. Churn out content. Feed the algorithm. 


In a space where follower counts are treated like social classes, it’s easy to get lost in the daily race for more likes, comments, shares, and follows. 


But that’s not why I started posting. That’s not why we’re here.


Social media is the greatest tool for activism that has ever been invented. It is our town square, our public forum, our printing press. 


We are here to build communities, to tell stories, to inspire and be inspired. And increasingly, our social media feeds are a driving force in getting us to change our habits, to raise our voices, to act. This isn’t about follower counts. It’s about level of impact.  


Every day our voices get louder. But we need a bigger bullhorn. 


We Are Impactors is for everyone who wants more impact from their social media feeds. Our mission is to empower impactful content creators to reach the largest possible audiences - and to do the most good. We are targeting the intersection of the vegan, social justice and environmental movements in the belief that we are strongest when we work together.


Starting with our crowdsourced project to map the most impactful videos on YouTube and Instagram, we want to reshape our feeds into tools for change. By bringing a data-driven focus on the digital content that best inspires real world action, we are fighting to make sure that digital content is properly valued - and the true social media superstars revealed. 


Now, when I look at my Instagram, I have a new metric: impact. 


- @smasherbrown

    Executive Director, We Are Impactors


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