⛺What I Ate While Camping As A Vegan?️

Sep 01, 2018

Eddie and I went camping! It was a short little trip and we didn't really get to do much because it rained so hard, but I figured you might be interested in what we ate while camping as vegans :)

Luckily a lot of vegan mock meats are shelf-stable, which means that they're very camp-friendly. We also brought a lot of Amy's canned soup, since there are so many vegan-friendly flavours.

✿ Viana Mock Meat Taste Test: youtu.be/bnST6QzOmr4

We also had brought some rolled oats to make oatmeal, but we didn't end up sharing our pancakes (we offered!) so we had more pancake mix to go through than I had anticipated. For my pancakes, I just mixed the dry ingredients together, and had the vanilla and apple cider vinegar separate in another container.
✿ Measurements here: bit.ly/2INDKb4

Also for the campfire potatoes, I didn't show it on camera as much, but they cooked faster and better when buried in some coals for about 30 minutes. When they were just on top of the coals, I turned them every 15 min or so for about 60 min. Added a bunch of vegan butter, salt, and white pepper (I didn't have any portable black pepper), and it was suuuuper delicious.

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♡ Where do you live? - Just outside of Toronto
♡ Where do you find mushroom broth powder? - Asian grocery stores have it. I show what the packaging looks like in this video: youtube.com/watch?v=JpAZZcFu09...
♡ What's up with your skin? - I have eczema, and atopic dermatitis on my hands. I share what I do to help my skin in this video: goo.gl/8vrJ5g
♡ Is YouTube your full time job? - No, I work part-time in marketing :)
♡ What does your logo mean? Why isn't your logo using the Vietnamese flag? - Actually I use the South Vietnam flag because it represents Viet Kieu (Vietnamese immigrants after the fall of Saigon), my parents were both boat refugees before immigrating to Canada. My logo combines two parts of my identity: Maple leaf because I'm Canadian, and the South Vietnam flag because I'm Vietnamese :)

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