The Other Side of Sanctuary

Apr 29, 2019

When people think about animal sanctuaries, they often think of free animals roaming pastures and spending lazy days doing what they wish. There is so much of that here, but the other side of sanctuary work is much different.
So many of our residents have been selectively bred to have traits that impact their health greatly. Health problems in animals bred for human consumption are common and many residents need regular medical treatment and checkups.
A sanctuary means for life. It means that an animal who was rescued in an instant now needs 10, 20, sometimes more, years of care. And in those years, so many needs arise.
When you have 1 animal, you can easily take them to the vet for a checkup. When you have 170+ animals under your care, it is vital to be able to do a majority of this monitoring and treatment on site. Under the supervision of some wonderful veterinarians our care staff has learned many skills to provide comfort and care to residents so that we do not have to take animals offsite to the vet except in cases of grave illness or emergency.
This means that sanctuary life for many of us looks different than the skipping lambs and sunrises that may spring to mind.
We want to share this side with you and show you what your contributions go towards. Caring for these individuals is a massive undertaking and, truthfully, a community effort.
Thank you for helping us care for these residents.
-The Team at Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

Music: Dusk Cathedral by Lee Rosevere

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