PLANT CEO #7 - Beyond Investing: growing vegan businesses

Jun 05, 2020

Welcome to PLANT CEO. In this episode we meet Claire Smith Founder & CEO of Beyond Investing. Claire is the ultimate vegan, learn about her background, companies in her portfolio, the ETF ticker: VEGN. Also learn about her new platform Beyond Animal for vegan business startups, investors and networking.

0:00 Start
05:12 Beyond Investing - ETF ticker - company selection process for the fund
19:10 Beyond Impact - Investment arm into startup - learn about the companies in the portfolio
28:46 Beyond Animal - Vegan business startups, investors and networking.

More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets. Exciting new startups are disrupting this space by creating innovation in food, direct to consumer food delivery services, clothing, health care products and restaurants. We will be interviewing plant-based CEO’s and established leaders in their own fields. Hear what drives these entrepreneurs, why they became vegan and learn more about their companies.

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