PLANT CEO #28 - Get Vegan Grub: the cruelty-free delivery service

Nov 15, 2020

In this episode we talk with Prashant Kumbhat, Founder and CEO of Get Vegan Grub. Get Vegan Grub is on a mission to help foodies find vegan food easily. They work with independent food businesses and help them sell vegan food online. Prashant is driving his business based on ethics and sustainability, even down to the third party companies he choses to work with. They are a cruelty-free alternative to Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats. Already operating in Manchester UK and they have their sights set on London next.

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HBR Article:

More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets. Exciting new startups are disrupting this space by creating innovation in food, direct to consumer food delivery services, clothing, health care products and restaurants. We will be interviewing plant-based CEO’s and established leaders in their own fields. Hear what drives these entrepreneurs, why they became vegan and learn more about their companies.

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