New rescued Chickens

Aug 26, 2020

we want to introduce you to Helena and Vilasini our new rescued chickens.
Helena decided to escape and lay her eggs in the gate of the sanctuary, she was there for several cold nights waiting until we heard that someone was there and we decided to take her inside immediately, her babies did not survive, they did not reach birth, but she is safe and protected. Vilasini decided to escape from the abusive industry that cut her beak to steal her eggs, she ran away and hide in a safe place where they respected and protected her and decided to bring her to the sanctuary where she would spend the rest of her days happily and healthy Helena is rebellious and active, Vilasini is sweet and just wants to receive lots of hugs.

Juliana's Animal Sanctuary is the only sanctuary in Colombia, South America. The charity is a registered 501c3 in the USA.

We currently care for over 80 rescued animals, including cows, bulls, pigs, horse, chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits.

Our mission is to teach equality of all living beings through practice and advocacy.

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