From the Streets to the Stage... Vegan Bodybuilder Transforms Lives (Monk Coleman)

Feb 26, 2021

From the streets to the stage, Monk Coleman has beat the odds of life many times over. Making decisions that ended him up in a dead-life of drugs, gangs and confusion to becoming a professional bodybuilder, vegan lifestylist and authoring the transformational book, Love over Fear – A Guide to Peace and Purpose.

#plantbased #vegan #plantbaseddiet

Raised in church he quickly made his way to the streets and all that came with it, eventually becoming an alcoholic. With his health failing from his lifestyle choices, he turned to meditation which slowly started to change his life and his life's purpose. Now, with more than twelve years sober he's come into his own as an author, public speaker, transformational coach, and a pro bodybuilder on a mission to create positive change on the planet.

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