Fit Fathers Chat with Former NBA Champ, Girl Dad, and Vegan Health Advocate John Salley

Apr 17, 2021

It’s always a blessing engaging with inspirational minds and creative souls such as the consummate John Salley, who continues to disrupt typical narratives with artistic ideologies. Winning championships with three different NBA squads (the first player to do so) gave John the fortitude and blueprint required for lasting success without the rock in hand. Dude is a super vegan, so youthfulness is on his side, as John takes pride in being a connoisseur of creation, whether it’s a plant-based café or raising intelligent and trailblazing girls. The family man is also a graduate of Georgia Tech, where I also attended. What are the odds of two Yellowjackets who both wore numeral 22 challenging the odds by establishing plant-based lifestyle awareness platforms for our people? It’s that GT ingenuity, as you will discover in this interview.

Enjoy, and remember to eat clean, stay active, and energize your life!

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