Eben Bayer of Ecovative Design and Atlast Food Co, Chief Mushroom Designer

Feb 17, 2021

CEO of Atlast Food Co and Co-Founder of Evocative Design, Eben Bayer discusses the true power of the mushroom. There might be hope for the world after all. Tune in to learn how mushrooms can be used to create eco-friendly packaging materials, foam leather, and whole cuts of meat. Could leaning into biology create solutions to the world's largest environmental problems?

We discuss:
-Mycellium as the original internet. (Yes, you'll want to hear this.)
-Mushroom are not plants or animals
-Mushrooms are naturally repellent and strong, able to withstand and create pressure, thus making them building blocks
-Mushrooms as scaffolding for cellular agricutlure
-Solid State Fermentation
-The effiency of vertical farming of mushrooms for 'meat' as compared to animal agriculture.
-MyBacon, the Atlast Food Co's company MyEats produces the first MyBacon products out this year.
-Living Off the Grid
-Our favorite mushroom joke.


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