Are We Vampires? - Inanna (Official Video)

Oct 28, 2022

"Are We Vampires?" is a song about humanity's dual nature when it comes to our relationship with the planet and other earthlings: who are we and what can we be?

Song written and composed by Inanna.
Produced by Joshua F. Williams. Guitars by Frank Leal.
Mastered by Scott Eric Olivier.

Produced by Inanna & Dunker Media
Co-directed by Aygul Maksutova and Inanna
Cinematography by Jared Silvia
Gaffer: Catalina Parra
Set Design byTalita Trygsland
Makeup by Asia Park
Edited by Jared Silvia and Inanna
Color by Jared Silva and Catalina Parra
Prologue written by Anders Dunker
Sound Editing by Joshua F. Williams
BTS pictures by The Hendrys and Anders Dunker
Filmed at Cats Crawl theater in Los Angeles, September 2022

Wojciech Fry-Lewis & Inanna

Alia Saeed
Alice Garce
Dov Gertzweig
Geroge McQuade
Laman Musayeva
Robin Fall
Sahar Belle
Sheena Gao
Talita Trygsland
Troy Richardson
Tyler Law
Ursula Lari
Waru Mono

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Are we vampires
Draining all these living things?
Are we parasites
Living off all other beings?
Are we plagues on Earth
The ones that no one else survives?
Are we just blind fools
Safely lost in pure denial?
Are we conspirators
Whose aim is winning wicked games?
Are we calculators
Using our tricks and spells for fame?

Yes we are. Oh we are.
But who we are
Is not carved in stone.

Yes we are. Oh we are.
But who we are is unpredictable.
Yes we are. Oh we are.
But who we are is an empty throne.

But we are storytellers
Who write new futures for this world!
We are wild creators
Uniting hearts and minds of gold!
We are brave defenders
When we surrender to what’s right!
We are gentle servants
Who come together when it’s time!
We are all peace-makers
When we look into each other’s eyes.
We’re untiring givers
The ones who won’t give up the fight.

Yes we are. Oh we are.
But who we really are
Is not carved in stone.

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