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A Holistic Approach To The Vegan Lifestyle.
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A Fitmomma is a mom who not only loves her family but also loves her self. She feels confident in her body because she carves out time for exercise, she fuels her family with yummy whole food and she is a part of a strong mom village. I am here to in...

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Hey Guys, we are passionate meal preppers that want to share our knowledge of health, nutrition and cooking with the you. On this channel, you will find tons of Meal Prep, Plant Based & Vegan recipes along videos to help you achieve your goals. We lo...

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What's up, guys? We are This Infinite Life, a dynamic black vegan family of eight from the Atlanta area, with six vegan kids! We share what vegan kids eat through easy recipes, down-to-earth product reviews, and joyful family vlogs! 🥰 Some of our su...

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Are you Surviving Vegan ? There has been a sort of an “awakening” in communities across the globe on plant-based eating and its benefits. You’ve made the decision to eat healthier, now what? It can be difficult transitioning to a vegan diet and thats...

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Audrey Dunham @audrey-dunham

Vegan living has never been easier or more delicious! See how to quickly make vegan meals and treats by watching Audrey Dunham's short videos. Bonus: most of these recipes are gluten free, as well!

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