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gentlebarn @gentlebarn

The Gentle Barn Foundation is home to hundreds of animals rescued from abuse, neglect and slaughter. Once the animals have healed and are ready, they help us give hope and inspiration to people with the same stories of abuse and neglect. We host abu...

95.6k subscribers
SASHAFarmAnimalSanctuary @sashafarmanimalsanctuary

SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary is located in Manchester, Michigan and we are the Midwest's largest farm animal sanctuary. At our shelter, not only do we provide food, water, shelter, and veterinary care, we also give the animal residents affection, soc...

9.2k subscribers
Asher’s Farm Sanctuary @ashers-farm-sanctuary

We are the first registered farm animal sanctuary in Gauteng, South Africa.

496k subscribers
Kindred Spirits Care Farm @kindred-spirits-care-farm

Farm Animal Sanctuary in Los Angeles, California. At Kindred Spirits Care Farm, our mission is to promote compassion, cooperation and connection with the earth, animals and each other through sustainable care farming. Kindred Spirits Care Farm is a r...

315.6k subscribers