Top 10 Arguments Against Veganism Of All Time

Oct 07, 2020

As an ex vegan activist, I reveal the TOP 10 ARGUMENTS AGAINST ETHICAL VEGANISM OF ALL TIME. Vegans, debunk me if you can. I challenge you.


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Factory Farm Maps:
❀ Project CounteGlow:
❀ The Farm Transparency Map:

❀ The sexy man at 5:06 -

Must watch on animal rights and the ethics of veganism:
❀ DOMINION (the standard practices of the industries that exploit animals):
❀ The Gary Yourofsky Speech:
❀ Earthling Ed TED talk on Every Excuse Against Veganism:

❀ Is going vegan healthy?

Other documentaries:
❀ Cowspiracy (Netflix)
❀ The Game Changers (Everywhere)
❀ What The Health (Netflix)

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