PLANT CEO #40 - Why everyone should buy non animal based leather

Feb 02, 2021

In this episode we talk with Helen Farr-Leander, Founder of Watson & Wolfe. Helen, spent a large part of her career in the world of accessories by working for luxury leather brands. After she learnt more about how the leather industry impacts the environment, water pollution, workers health and animal exploitation, she decided to create a vegan accessory brand. Watson & Wolfe's initial focus was on vegan male accessories which was an underserved market about 2 years ago. We talk about the how material innovation for non animal based leather is ripe for disruption. Learn more about her product range, the companies growth plans and the launching of a women's collection.

References - cactus leather producer - grape leather producer - blue sign system standard - Chinese vegan manufacturer - selling vegan dog food range in Spain - Bramble vegan dog lived to 25 years old.

More people are choosing to follow plant-based diets. Exciting new startups are disrupting this space by creating innovation in food, direct to consumer food delivery services, clothing, health care products and restaurants. We will be interviewing plant-based CEO’s and established leaders in their own fields. Hear what drives these entrepreneurs, why they became vegan and learn more about their companies.

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