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I am a frugivore. You are a frugivore. And here I (Freelee) educate you on this basic fact via responses to popular diets & dieters. I also help women lose excess jiggle, & keep it off. No restriction or unhealthy fads. No animals harmed in the process. If you are sick of the diet culture merry-go-round then this is the channel for you. I lost 40lbs & have maintained for 10+yrs on the raw till 4 vegan diet (one of my popular books). In 2005 I ran a personal training business & gained certification in weight management, nutrition, advanced aerobic conditioning & advanced resistance training from the fitness institute of Australia. I have studied nutrition at two institutions before realising my own research was far more powerful in producing results. So, although I have a conventional education in nutrition, my real life results came from my own non-stop research in a quest to find the optimal diet & lifestyle for a permanent lean healthy body. My books: thebananagirl.com
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