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Hi I'm Paul Kerton - Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, and welcome to the official Hench Herbivore YouTube channel!

On this channel, you’ll find a variety of videos to entertain and educate you, including what I eat in a day, fitness vlogs, recipes, food hauls and more. We also offer free Q&A livestreams every Mon and Fri at 6pm GMT.

If you'd like to develop the body of your dreams or simply have optimal health, without harming the animals or our beautiful planet I'd love to have you become part of the Hench Herbivore community.

Hit the SUBSCRIBE button and click the BELL ICON so that you are notified of new videos and livestreams and for instant updates, follow me on all my social media accounts below.

Please send any gifts to Hench Herbivore, Phoenix Gym, Units 2-3 St. Mary's Works, Oak Street, Norwich, Norfolk, England, NR3 3AF.

Currently looking for video sponsors so brands please do get in touch! (NB. not supplements companies, including CBD)
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