The Truth Behind our Food - Pig Vigil

Jun 18, 2017

Hey Guys,

this footage was obtained from my pig vigil with

Thank you for watching my video.

Becoming Vegan can be a hard process, especially in the initial stages. Hopefully this video shed light on the brutal reality behind our food.

Putting a face to the food we eat everyday shows us just how meaningful that piece of meat/glass of milk truly is.

No matter what our diets are and how different our beliefs are; we can all agree no animal deserves to be beaten, tortured, raped and slaughtered in the most gruesome way. These are beautiful beings, as is everything on this planet. It's time we start to show the beauty within us all that has long been diluted by the world's mass system.

Here are the links to some of the amazing documentaries/videos i watched in order to become a Vegan and be aware of everything beforehand.

Here are the most AMAZING sites for Vegan recipes!

Thank you
for the BEAUTIFUL music!

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