Jan 25, 2018

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Recently I have had lots of requests and questions about being vegetarian and so today I thought I would sit down and share some of my own advice and experience about being veggie as I've not eaten meat or fish since I was around 14. My husband Adam is also vegetarian and we are raising our two little boys as veggies too until they're old enough to make their own choice.

This video isn't to persuade you to go veggie, that's your choice. I simply wanted to share some advice for anyone who is interested in eating less meat/transiting to vegetarian. :)

Thank you for watching. ♡
Alex xo
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► The Quorn Kitchen (buy used): amzn.to/2DKXJoe
► You can also have a look here for most of Quorn's own recipes (which are in the book): quorn.co.uk/recipes.
vegsoc.org/info - Lots of really useful information and helpful advice on going and being veggie.
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