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Veggie Grill, headquartered in Culver City, California, is a premium fast-casual restaurant that is Making Food Matter More. At Veggie Grill, we spend a whole lot of time thinking about how food can do more. Food can delight us. Food can unite us. Food can protect us. Food can heal us. Food can elevate all of us.
Our menu features burgers, sandwiches, entree salads, bowls, shareable sides and snacks, organic teas and house made desserts prepared with hearty, plant-based proteins and fresh, wholesome ingredients. Craft beer and wine are available in most locations as well.
Veggie Grill renders the impossible possible: nutritious food that is convenient, affordable, craveable and made 100% from plants. Veggie Grill currently has 37 locations in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington.
We craft food that takes care of our lives and future. More information and the full menu are available online at veggiegrill.com.
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