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NeuroticMommy @neuroticmommy

Hi Welcome! I'm Jennifer aka NeuroticMommy and I'm a Healing Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master, Trance Healer, Card Reader and all the things! I do weekly card readings every Monday, Healing Guided Meditations every Friday and in between I give constru...

23.5k subscribers
The Superfood Goddess @the-superfood-goddess

Hello Beautifuls!! ❤️❤️ my name is Stephie, also known as “The Superfood Goddess.” Join me as I cook nutrient dense meals that are sure to fuel you and taste delicious. I believe our food is medicine. I went vegan in 2009 and each day I am more and m...

93.6k subscribers
Julia Lenochkina @julia-lenochkina

💜 ОБО МНЕ: Меня с детства увлекала тема здоровья. С ноября 2014 года я перешла на растительное питание и мое здоровье и жизнь улучшились в десятки раз! Я обожаю йогу, духовные практики, трансерфинг, путешествия и саморазвитие. В своих видео я делю...

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The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone @the-kind-life-with-alicia-silverstone

Welcome to my Youtube channel, you'll find videos filled with tips on living a kind, radiant life, full of deliciousness!

480 subscribers
EatMoveRest @eatmoverest

There are three things we all do every day, and we could all be doing them better: EatMoveRest! Eat more plants, move your body daily, and get adequate rest--it's as simple as that! Dusty & Erin Stanczyk combined their formal education in Communicat...

5.1k subscribers